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Vanity Tops

Bathroom countertops are just as important as kitchen countertops because they not only provide a functional work surface but a big piece of the decorating theme as well. A good bathroom countertop is the right blend of aesthetics and durability that's sufficient to meet the demands of how you live.

Vanity tops aren't immune from a harsh environment either, particularly in a full bathroom with a shower and/or tub. There's the moisture to contend with that's generated from showers. Then there's all the stuff that's normally found in a bathroom environment like toiletries and cleaning supplies.

When you think about all the challenges that you'll throw at your countertops it's easy to understand that not only should they be beautiful, but durable too.

There are lots of materials to choose from and the first step toward making the right decision is to stop and plan how you'll use your bathroom. From there it's a matter of finding the right combination of material, style and budget. Choose wisely and you'll be rewarded with a countertop that gives you good service for many years.

Answering some questions ahead of time can help you narrow down the materials that work best for your type of lifestyle:

  • What kind of bathroom are you planning -- a low-use powder room, one for everyday family use or an over-the-top master bath?
  • How many people will typically use the bathroom on a daily basis? Does that include children?
  • Does your plan call for a larger custom-installed countertop or do you just need a top for a smaller vanity?
  • How long are you planning on staying in your home? In other words, is this upgrade for you or for your home's next buyer?

Shower Projects

When it comes to choosing a shower for your bathroom there are many choices. You can pick one up from a local hardware chain or customize your bathroom with material selections that meet both your design aesthetics and functionality. Heritage Marble offers a wide variety of shower solutions including cultured marble, solid surface, and Dekton panels.

Our standard Meridian Solid Surface and Cultured Marble complete shower kits and tub surround kits are an easy way to purchase or specify a standard set of tub surround panels or a complete shower assembly. Kits are particularly appropriate when used in new construction or when replacing an existing tub assembly or shower unit of the same size and configuration.

All tub and shower kits are offered in your choice of several standard colors for maximum versatility and coordination with your décor. You may also opt for coordinating shower accessories to customize your tub or shower kit to your personal preferences.

Additionally, Heritage Marble is able to create a custom shower based on your project’s specifications. Our facility will work with you to ensure your project exceeds your expectations.

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